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Forget what you know about decaf. In the specialty world, decaf tastes like coffee; delicious, naturally sweet, aromatic coffee. Mexico is a fast-growing coffee producer and the leading exporter of organic coffee in the world. This particular organic decaf coffee will hint notes of lemon, vanilla icing, and cinnamon rolls. Pleasantly sweet and easy-drinking, feel free to brew this one day or night. 

What is specialty coffee? It refers to the highest grade of coffee available on the market and which is reflected in its entire supply chain. From farm-to-cup, high-quality beans are grown by equitably paid farmers, roasted thoughtfully to highlight the coffee's natural sweetness and character. A clean, smooth cup, swimming in aroma unique to each variety and region. The kind that still tastes like coffee, but will make you ditch that cream and sugar.

If you don't have a grinder, no sweat, select your grind option from the dropdown before checkout and you will receive it ready-to-brew. This coffee will brew approx. 15 cups of coffee or 30 shots of espresso.